COVID-19 Continues to Impede International Adoption

Because of international travel restrictions, court closures, stay-at-home orders, and other pandemic-related obstacles, international adoption has largely been placed on hold for hundreds of families.

Even before the pandemic, international adoption was laden with uncertainties and legal hurdles, but countless prospective adoptees are waiting in limbo for their soon-to-be-families to complete the adoption process amidst the chaos of the current times. The coronavirus pandemic was certainly not something families or adoption agencies anticipated when they began their process at the beginning of 2020 or earlier.

The exact effects on international adoption are difficult to predict and track, as each nation is treating the pandemic differently. Any given family’s ability to complete their adoption process may hinge on the travel restrictions and court activities of the prospective adoptee’s country of origin. Even if travel is permitted, quarantine orders can complicate plans.

Some families have even lost the financial stability needed to welcome a new child into the family. The national unemployment rate broke records in recent months, the inevitable result of business shutdowns and mass layoffs.

But families aren’t the only ones struggling with financial turbulence—some adoption agencies in the United States have been forced to close. Many are concerned that the strain on the adoption system may encourage agencies and families to compromise certain processes that protect the rights and wellbeing of children.

While it may be impossible to accurately predict the future state of this legal terrain, we can take solace in the fact that countries around the world are beginning to ease restrictions as they gain control over the virus. It is only a matter of time before the pandemic comes to an end, and couples who are considering international adoption may benefit from waiting until these challenges subside. For those who have already begun their process, professional assistance may be more necessary than ever before.

We Can Help You Navigate Your Adoption Process

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