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About 40,000 second preference employment-based visas are allocated annually, plus any of the unused visas in the first preference category. Most EB-2 petitioners will need Labor Certification (PERM) and a specific job offer. To be exempted from this requirement, you must request a National Interest Waiver.

The EB-2 visa is available for:

  • Advanced-degree professionals
  • Exceptional-ability workers

If you are interested in learning more about the EB-2 visa and seeing whether you may qualify, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation with our immigration lawyers at Gambacorta Law. Our EB-2 attorneys in Skokie can review your situation and help you pursue the appropriate employment-based visa for your unique needs.

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EB-2 for Advanced Degree Professionals

One way to qualify for an EB-2 is to have an advanced degree or the equivalent in education and experience. The position you are seeking in the U.S. must require an advanced degree or the equivalent.

Any U.S. employer can file a petition if the job requires an advanced degree (beyond baccalaureate) and the alien possesses the requisite degree. As an alternative to the advanced degree, a worker may qualify if he or she has a baccalaureate and five years of progressive experience in the field.

EB-2 for Workers with Exceptional Ability

Workers with exceptional ability seeking an EB-2 must show that they have above-ordinary expertise in their field.

The worker must provide at least three of the following forms of evidence:

  • Official academic record showing a degree, diploma, or certificate from an educational institution related to the area of exceptional ability
  • At least 10 years of full-time experience in the field with letters from current and past employers
  • License or certification to practice in the field
  • Evidence that the alien’s salary reflects their exceptional ability
  • Membership or participation in professional associations or organizations
  • Recognition by peers, governmental entities, or professional organizations for achievements in the industry

Exceptions to the Labor Certification Requirement

There are two ways that you may be able to obtain an EB-2 without meeting the otherwise mandatory labor certification requirement.

First, if the foreign national will serve the national interest, labor certification may be waived. If the foreign national is claiming an exceptional ability and seeks a waiver of the labor certification requirement, the foreign national or anyone on his or her behalf may be the petitioner.

Second, workers under DOL's Schedule A can avoid the labor certification requirement.

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