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  • We are extremely grateful to Tim and Gambacorta Law!
    Gambacorta Law is the place to go. Tim is wonderful. He connected with his clients at personal level and made us feel at ease and respectful. When Gambacorta Law represent their clients case, they will deliver positive outcome. All you need is to trust them and follow their guidance. We are extremely grateful to Tim and Gambacorta Law for representing us. We are so lucky to have found you, Tim. Thank you for your time preparing us for the interview, your guidance and very pleasant conversation. Wish you and your beautiful wife and daughter and Gambacorta Law the best in 2022.

    - Valerie

  • Amazing Law Office
    This is really a wonderful law firm. First of all, we would like to thank Ms. Van for introducing me to the office of lawyer Tim. He is indeed a very dedicated man, truly a talented lawyer. Before that I went to another lawyer's office, but nothing happened until I met him. Ms. Loan is a very dedicated person and always answers and meets all your requests regardless of time of day or night and her holidays. I would be very happy if someone read my sincere sharing wishing to help you meet them and make you satisfied. Sincerely thank.

    - Cuong Pham

  • Today, I am a US CITIZEN, Thank you Mr. Gambacorta!
    Our family was referred to Mr. Gambacorta for immigration issues, since this is public forum so will not go into specifics of my case. We had no choice but to hire a new attorney immediately without wasting time as our last attorney messed out case very badly, but let me tell you that Mr. Gambacorta took this challenge and we sat back nervously, hoping and praying for the best. This was a very difficult and challenging case, however due to many days of hard work, got us the desired results of our immigration. Since that day, he has earned so much respect, prayers and blessings from all of us as (we know, knowing that nature of the case) he worked tirelessly for weeks on our case and our family can not thank him enough. He is a very capable, smart and caring immigration attorney, most attorneys lack last two qualities. Today, I am a US CITIZEN, Thank you Mr. Gambacorta. God bless you and God Bless America.

    - Mujahid Kamal

  • Thank Tim for all your help.
    He is wonderful Lawer. He made sure everything go smooth before you have a interview. He is very carefully for your case and preparing all your documents are completely no mistakes. Thank God I found him for my case and I got approved from USCIS. Thank Tim for all your help.

    - Thao

  • Sincere Dedication

    In 2009 my life ended when my husband was arrested. I was alone with two children, a boy merely 2 years old and a little girl only 3 months old. Being an at home Mom, I felt as though I lost everything when he was taken. Not only was he sentenced 2.5 years in prison, but he was also placed on an immigration hold meaning that he could be deported. I was a mess and I had no where to turn. I began making phone call after phone call to every immigration lawyer I could find. They were all un-helpful and I felt miserable, "Could no one help my husband?" Then I stumbled along Mr. Gambacorta, from the first time I talked to him I knew that he was different, that he wasn't like all the other lawyers that I had talked to. He gave me hope and reassurance and finally some answers. He and I worked together as a team and I felt as if he were in our corner fighting with us for my husband's freedom. The fight was certainly not easy and it was long and extremely difficult. Mr. Gambacorta was always there even on nights and weekends, always willing to help. I can't express how appreciative I am to have found him. My husband is back home with us now and we are celebrating our 8 year anniversary this Friday. Thank you for your sincere dedication Mr. Gambacorta, you brought my family back together.

    - Nicole

  • Extraordinarily Helpful

    I am the abbott of Wat Phrasriratanamahadhatu, a Thai-Buddhist Temple in Chicago, Illinois and Niles, Michigan. Mr. Gambacorta (or in Thai, we call him, "Khun Tim") has been extraordinarily helpful to the Temple and Thai community over the years. We have used Khun Tim primarily to recruit Buddhist monks from Thailand to come to the United States. Khun Tim was also helpful in resolving some of the difficulties the temple had initially in recruiting monks from Thailand. His dedication and eagerness to efficiently solve the temple's legal problems leaves me with a warm feeling.

    The temple and Khun Tim have an ongoing relationship and I continue to refer Thai people to him when I know that Thai people are in need of an immigration lawyer. Besides, Khun Tim's wife is Thai so I know he has a good heart for Thai culture and people overall.

    - Anonymous

  • Vast Knowledge and Enthusiasm to Help His Clients

    Timothy Gambacorta works from his heart and not for the money. He was able to help me renew my Green card which helped me reunite with my family overseas. I have had horrible experiences with lawyers in past who first asked for the check and then provide their input. In this case, it was reversed, he was able to provide empathy to his clients and help relieve the financial stress by encouraging his clients to use their money towards their other needs and pay his fee when feasible. Due to his vast knowledge and enthusiasm to help his clients, makes him an amazing lawyer and, my family and I are very thankful to him for helping me win my case.

    - Nina

  • Thoughtful, Thorough, and Most Importantly, Practical

    Tim's analytical ability and years of experience enable him to provide thoughtful, thorough, and most importantly, practical legal advice regarding a wide variety of benefit law issues. He listens carefully to client questions and comments and he responds quickly and clearly with analysis and advice aimed directly at the issue. I have worked with Tim for almost 3 years and have never been disappointed in any aspect of his work.

    - Hung

  • Always Very Attentive to Me and My Family During This Process

    Mr. Gambacorta did an outstanding job for my case. He has been my family's lawyer for the past few years, and in the past 3 months he took my case and it was a success. He successfully help me obtain a working permit card in the U.S., amongst other benefits, as part of the new law in Illinois (The Dream ACT). The process with him took about 3 months, he was very informative, helpful and always very attentive to me and my family during this process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, an outstanding lawyer.

    - Norman Jr.

  • Passion for Helping People

    I had called several lawyers to assist in an emergency work visa crisis. No one called me back, but Timothy did....on a Saturday!!! I was surprised by his combination of ability to sympathize as well as work ethic to complete the goal. I have never been so impressed by an attorney, as this is simply one of the "good guys!" He has a passion for helping people, and for not giving up.

    - Karla

  • A Friend Who Can Be Relied Upon

    Tim is extremely helpful and sensitive to the needs of the Client. Green Card immigration is a maze of paperwork and requires great attention to detail. My wife and I have found in Tim a friend who can be relied upon to deliver.

    - Ashok

  • Compassionate and very supportive

    Never met a lawyer so compassionate and very supportive. He prioritizes his case with reasonable fees and considers his clients as a family. What a great guy to deal with.

    - Carla

  • Thank You for All That You Did for My Family

    I am in the Air Force and I have been patiently waiting for our government to pass some legislation on immigration. My wife was an illegal alien with no solution to change that unless she went back to her home country to file for a green card. Since I am in the Air Force with two kids, this would not be possible. This has been going on for over 4 years until we met Mr. Gambacorta. He did some research and found that we could file for a parole-in-place which is a new process for military members to help there spouses seek some sort of status in the USA. My wife was granted status to stay here and file for a green card. I am always deployed and it is reassuring that my wife and kids will be ok while I am gone and not have to worry about her being deported. Once again, thank you for all that you did for my family Mr. Gambacorta. Thank you for supporting the troops!!!!!"

    - Anonymous

  • He Is the Lawyer You Want on Your Side

    I was referred to Timothy Gambacorta by a friend and he has fully justified the trust placed in him. I had consulted two lawyers before, and they both were hopeless. Timothy Gambacorta has an excellent knowledge of the law, is committed to his clients and a very compassionate person. My greencard application was approved in record time. I thought I had no chance at all because my case was so complicated, but Timothy Gambacorta's work on my immigration case has literally turned my life around. I highly recommend Timothy!! He is the lawyer you want on your side. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

    - Qusai

  • Compassionate, Talented, Humble and Best of All an Honest Individual

    Words aren't enough to show my appreciation for Mr. Gambacorta. After struggling with my case for over a decade, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to him. He is an attentive, kind, courageous, knowledgable, compassionate, talented, humble and best of all an honest individual. I take great pleasure to write a review for him. I honestly can't say if he a better person or a better lawyer because I have never met someone like him. He took immediate and personal attention to my case and he was always available to answer my concerns or questions. I credit him greatly for resolving my immigration case. May God bless him.

    - Anonymous

  • I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Tim

    Most lawyers have the reputation of being in the trade just to take your money and they don't care if they do a mediocre job. I have to say Tim dispels this rumor. I have worked with many attorneys in my time and have always been very lucky, but Tim is one of the best!!! He is like a Pit Bull and won't give up until he gets what you need done. The guy has a heart of gold and is extremely detail-oriented making sure every T is crossed and every i is dotted. I can't say enough good things about Tim. He was extremely helpful in my wife's immigration here to the USA.

    - Jeff

  • Everything Was Done the Way It Should Have or Even Better

    Timothy did a great job on my immigration case. It was something I was not expecting, but I am grateful of how it all went. It was fast flowing and everything was done the way it should have or even better. I was lucky enough to have a good lawyer that helped me have a better, libertious life.

    - Jose

  • Tim Explained the Procedures in Layman's Terms so That We Could Easily Understand

    Tim was very knowledgable in the immigration law. He was able to address all questions and concerns about my specific case. He was very good in keeping my spouse and I up to date with my case status. Tim explained the procedures in layman's terms so that we could easily understand. He was very helpful and patience in guiding us through the entire case. Tim was very kind...

    - Anonymous

  • I Am Grateful for Meeting This Man

    I had been deported to Pakistan and was told that I could never come back to the United States again because of a fraud bar on my record. I had left the United States crying as I said goodbye to my family because I thought that I would never come back unless a hardship waiver was applied for. Since I had numerous fraud bars, my case was very difficult. My attorney referred me to Mr. Gambacorta who analyzed my case with a fine tooth comb. I knew my odds of winning were slim especially since the American Embassy in Islamabad is very tough especially to us Pakistanis. Mr. Gambacorta went through my entire file, put the hardship waiver together but first argued that no fraud/misrepresentation had occurred since there were two people with my last name among other errors in the record. I do not know how he did it; either he argued successfully no fraud occurred or the hardship was proven. Either way, I am now back to the United States with my spouse and three children. I am grateful for meeting this man!

    - Anonymous

  • From Beginning To End He Was There For Us

    I found Mr. Gambacorta here on Avvo and after reading many of his positive reviews and visiting his very professional and informative website I decided to hire him to help my fiance and I with her K-1 visa. I had previously contacted another lawyer who was wanting to charge me outrageous fees to handle our case. I explained to Mr. Gambacorta that I felt as though I was being overcharged and he overwhelmingly agreed and said he would be glad to assist us and provided a flexible and generous payment schedule. Mr. Gambacorta was very professional through our entire process. From beginning to end he was there for us and I can happily report my wife and I are here in the US together and she already has her green card. I cannot thank Mr. Gambacorta enough and highly recommend his services to anyone needing help with immigration. In fact my wife and I are going to hire him again to assist with my wife's sister immigration case. Thank you again Mr. Gambacorta!! Your kindness and professionalism has been a blessing.

    - Jeremy