EB-4 Visa

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Employment-Based Immigration for Special Immigrants

The EB-4 is reserved for special categories of employment-based immigrants. It most commonly includes those doing religious work, broadcasting, those who have assisted the U.S., members of the armed forces, physicians, and retired NATO-6 employees (including their spouses and children).

When you have an EB-4 visa, you are allowed to live permanently in the U.S. To discover whether you are eligible for an EB-4, get in touch with our immigration lawyers at Gambacorta Law. With extensive experience helping clients apply for employment-based visas, our EB-4 attorneys in Skokie can help you navigate this process.

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Eligibility Requirements for EB-4

Because the EB-4 is so broad, the requirements differ based on the profession or reason for claiming eligibility.

That said, all categories require a completed Form I-360 with supporting documentation. EB-4 applicants do not need to have employer sponsorship or an official job offer.

If you are a religious worker, you must meet a few requirements. You’ll have to:

  • Demonstrate that you have two years of experience within a specific religious organization or denomination in the United States.
  • Prove you were working as a minister or in another religious-based occupation for two years before filling out the application.
  • Prove you intend to carry on with your work after you are admitted into the U.S.

For non-minister religious workers, there is a cap of 5,000 visas to be issued every fiscal year. There is no cap for special immigrant religious workers who are entering the U.S. to carry on the vocation of a minister.

Why You Need an EB-4 Immigration Attorney in Skokie

It can be hard to determine whether you qualify for an EB-4 visa. Gambacorta Law can help determine your eligibility, complete your application, and ensure you have proper documentation. We provide professionals with the guidance and representation they need to be approved for their work visas.

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