Should I Be Worried If My Immigration Application is Delayed?

Filing U.S. immigration applications can be both a time-sensitive and challenging procedure. If you worked on completing your immigration forms but the process has been delayed or even stalled altogether, you must reach out for legal aid.

Immigrating can be an incredible experience. Whether you want to move to be closer to family members or you are venturing into a new job career, one of the most exciting things about immigrating is getting to be a part of a new place and a new culture. Unfortunately, the legal side of immigration can be very challenging. After submitting all your paperwork you may observe that it takes quite some time for your immigration application and documentation to be processed.

While some delays are normal, major and long-term delays are something you should be proactive about dealing with. If you have noticed a delay in the processing time of your immigration application, you might start getting concerned or even confused, but an immigration lawyer can look into your case and evaluate your situation. If the processing time of your application is more than a year outside of the normal processing time, you need to get legal assistance immediately. If you have any concerns that your application may be stalled, you must contact your nearest attorney.

Reasons That May Cause a Delay

Immigration applications can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example, when the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a large amount of paperwork and applications to process, it can sometimes become overwhelmed with the applications. During periods of backlog, applicants may find that they wait longer for their paperwork to be processed. Sometimes there can be other factors that cause a delay. Sometimes a file may become lost in the system. While safety procedures are taken to ensure that each application is thoroughly processed, sometimes applications get lost. A security check could also cause a delay in the status of an application. If an immigration office reached out and requested more information but did not receive it from the applicant, this could further delay the processing time.

Will I Need Legal Assistance?

Once your application has been stalled due to problems with a security check or because you were not able to respond to the immigration office’s additional questions, an immigration attorney may be able to help you reopen your case. Reopening your case can help get your case back on track and ensure that your file starts being processed all over again on time. In the case that your file was lost in the office or not processed due to a backlog, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. If you are suffering damages because of the stall, such as financial strain due to not being able to work in the country, your legal representative will be able to guide you through the legal steps you will need to take next.

When is the Best Time to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Lawyers also have the experience to figure out if something has gone wrong with a specific case. When all else seems hopeless, contact your nearest immigration attorney’s office. Call the Gambacorta Law Office today at 847 443 9303 to schedule your first free consultation.