What Happens If You Get Arrested on an F-1 Student Visa

Getting arrested as a student in the United States can be terrifying especially if you do not have any family relatives there to support you through such a tough situation.

What Will Happen Immediately After I Am Arrested?

If you are in the US on a student visa and you are arrested, there is a possibility that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will place you into removal proceedings depending on the seriousness of the crime you committed. If this happens to you, you will require legal advice from a seasoned immigration lawyer.

Take note that once your student visa expires while you are in detention, then ICE may prevent you from being released on a bail bond and parole. Due to the probability of being in detention with an expired student visa, it is important that you contact an experienced immigration law representative before agreeing to appear for a removal hearing. It is key that you are able to convince the immigration judge that will be handling your case this way you are allowed to remain in the US.

Will I Be Handcuffed?

Anyone who is arrested by local police or another law enforcement agency is more likely to be handcuffed. However, if you are arrested by ICE, it is unlikely that you will be handcuffed unless you attempt to escape. Whatever happens do not resist the police or ICE agents as they might feel threatened and may use force against you which could result in physical damage.

Will I Be at Risk of Getting Deported?

Chances are that you might be at risk of getting deported once your visa expires while you are in detention. But anything can happen once you have an expert immigration lawyer to represent you and fight your case. There is a strong likelihood that you may be able to stay in the US.

Will I Be Incarcerated?

Once you have been charged with a serious crime you can be incarcerated. If an allegation is made against you for a misdemeanor criminal offense, then you will probably be released within a few hours or a day. Still, if you are accused of a felony or a serious crime, then you may be kept in custody until the reason for your arrest has been resolved.

Do I Need To Pay a Bail Bond?

Depending on the situation your family or relatives can pay a bail bond to have you released. But if you are being held in custody for very grave criminal charges the court judge might deny you bail. If you are a foreign national, your family will need to retain the services of an experienced immigration attorney.

Time To Get in Contact with An Immigration Attorney

Falling in the hands of law enforcement for a crime you may or may have not committed while you are a student in the US can be nerve wracking. To ensure that you do not wind up getting deported, call your nearest immigration law firm. You can get in touch with the Gambacorta Law Office at 847 443 9303, today.