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Applying for Work Authorization as an Afghan Parolee

If you are an Afghan national who has received parole status based on urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons on or after July 30, 2021, you are also eligible for employment authorization in order to work in the United States. There are no filing fees associated with submitting Form I-765. 

But before you can legally work in the U.S., the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must first approve your Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization). 

To apply for initial work authorization, you must complete the following steps to submit your Form I-765: 

  • Complete Form I-765 (application from 08/25/20). 

  • Select “1.a., Initial permission to accept employment” in Part 1 (Reason for Applying). 

  • Write in “(c)(11)” in Part 2 (Information About Your Eligibility Category). 

  • Obtain a copy of your Form I-94 (Request Travel History and Check Travel Compliance), passport, and other travel documentation to show you were paroled into the U.S. for urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons.  

  • If you do not have your passport, you can use your A-number to get your Form I-94 online from the site above and select “Get Most Recent I-94.” Enter your A-number in the Passport Number field and enter “USA” in the Passport Country of Issuance field. 

  • Ensure all sections of the form are complete. If Part 1 is missing Reason for Applying, if Part 2 is missing Family Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Eligibility Category, and Part 3 is missing your signature, your application will be denied. 

  • Submit Form I-765 with a copy of Form I-94, passport, and other travel documents. 

Mail your work authorization application to the following address: 

ATTN: OAW I-765 
10 Application Way 
Montclair, CA 91763-1350 

After you file for initial work authorization, USCIS may request an interview with you or provide biometrics (fingerprints, signature, photograph, etc.) in order to check your identity, perform a background check, or gain access to other personal information. 

After the agency receives and accepts your application, the agency will mail you the date and location of your biometric services appointment. Failure to attend your appointment may result in the rejection of your application. 

When your Form I-765, USCIS will mail you your Employment Authorization Document (EAD). 

If you are an Afghan Parolee who is interested in working in Illinois, Arizona, or Texas, or your initial application was denied, call Gambacorta Law at (847) 443-9303 or complete our online contact form today to speak with our experienced immigration attorneys.