Updates to the U.S. Immigration System Due to Covid-19

The Trump Administration has made adjustments to the U.S. Immigration system in efforts to work along with citizens, residents and immigrants living in the country in response to the Coronavirus. Deportations to several countries have been cancelled, court has been postponed, immigrants have been restrained from seeking refuge and asylum status and it has only been a week. The adjustments have been made as the pandemic has swiftly escalated throughout the country.

Below is a list of changes recently made to the U.S. Immigration System:

U.S. and Mexico have restricted travel and entry on all borders

On March 20, 2020, the U.S. and Mexico declared that they were reducing nonessential travel between their shared borders so as to restrain movement to and from each nation not excluding travel for work, school, medical grounds and other activities. Migrants unlawfully entering the southern border have also been barred from crossing. Under the orders of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Homeland Security suspended entry to all foreigners attempting to enter the US without documentation. Foreigners seized at the borders by immigration authorities will be sent back to their home countries.

Enforcement Operations have Changed

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has explained to congressional personnel that it altered its “enforcement posture,” due to the global pandemic. The agency will prioritize the detainment of people who pose a high public safety risk and are involved in criminal activity, ICE will still carry out efforts to detain those that fall under this category.

Illegal immigrants are being encouraged to seek medical care if they are showing signs of Covid-19 without the risk of being arrested.

Immigration Court Hearings have been Postponed by the DOJ

Immigration courts within the U.S. have been closed through the month of April and many court hearings for aliens who are not in detention have been postponed by The Department of Justice.

Lawyers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement prosecutors and immigration judges admonished the administration to close courts for the safety of all involved in court proceedings; in response the Executive Office for Immigration Review which oversees the immigration courts made the necessary changes.

ICE temporarily Suspends Removal Flights

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has stated that deportation flights have been suspended to a number of countries. ICE has continued deporting aliens when they are able but before each person boards a flight their temperatures are taken and if anyone is found with 100.4 degrees or higher they are immediately taken to a doctor.

In Person Interviews Have Been Suspended by USCIS

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced its suspensions of all in-person interviews and naturalization oath ceremonies in hopes of diminishing the spread of the Coronavirus. USCIS maintains that the suspension has been extended until April of 7, 2020.

Seek Legal Representation

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