What to Expect at a Biometrics Appointment

Thousands upon thousands applying for benefits from the U.S. government must show up for a Biometrics Appointment as part of their application process. Several of these benefits include; temporary employment authorization, obtaining a green card or even U.S. Citizenship.

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Regardless of how terrifying this process might be, applicants, should be at ease as the biometrics appointment is simply done for security and identity purposes. Yet, everyone must be able to understand what takes place at a biometrics appointment.

The Biometrics Appointment at the USCIS

The term “biometrics” simply means that an individual’s distinctive physical and other characteristics are identified and documented for the sole purpose of proving one’s identity. During this appointment the USCIS will take a photograph and digital fingerprints and have the person sign his or her name. This procedure proves your identity to USCIS so benefits can be provided to the actual person and enables the USCIS to detect the appropriate criminal background check.

The USCIS has also expressed that they might request an immigration DNA examination for different cases, where applicants who come from developing countries and cannot provide a birth certificate or when there are questionable variations within a case. However, a DNA examination should not be included as one of the elements of a USCIS biometrics appointment.

Every applicant will be given a biometrics appointment notice after a petition is provided and before anyone can receive any benefits or a green card, they must attend a biometrics interview appointment. The letter that arrives in the mail will be labeled “Application Support Center (ASC) Appointment Notice” (Form I-797C, Notice of Action), and information will be provided stating the date, time and location for the ASC Appointment. The appointment is only about 15-20 minutes.

The USCIS stipulates that everyone present themselves to their biometrics appointment at an approved USCIS Application Support Center.

Important Elements for Your Biometrics Appointment

Within the Biometrics appointment notification, lookout for a list of elements that you may need to submit to the USCIS officer. List of elements may include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport or National photo identification provided by country of birth or residence.
  • Military photo verification
  • State-issued photo ID Card
  • Appointment Notice (Form I-797C)
  • Supporting Documents (Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decree if applicable)
  • Instructions Page
  • Legal Name Change Certificate if any

What Happens at the Biometric Appointment

During the biometric appointment, the USCIS, will request that you allow them to scan your fingerprints, take a photograph and digital signature on a LiveScan mechanism. When asked to sign your name the officer will request that you prove the truth by reading a statement of declaration. Such declaration is shown in both English and Spanish but can be made available in your respective language.

If you are anxious about your Biometrics Appointment do not hesitate to consult an Immigration Attorney for advice before proceeding with the Biometrics.

A stamp will be placed on your appointment notice for evidence that you attended your appointment. Store this documentation in a safe place for future reference. Further steps are taken on the category of visa you applied for like immigrant visas, among other classifications of visas that need further analysis.

If by chance you receive another biometrics appointment notice a few weeks after your previous one, do not be afraid. In most cases this is because of smeared fingerprints that need to be rescanned to finalize your background check. The USCIS will not trouble you with another a fee.

While a response from USCIS may take weeks and maybe months, persons can check the status of their case online.

Call a Good Immigration Attorney

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