Details That May Affect Obtaining a US Tourist Visa

There are thousands of people that apply for a B-2, Visitor’s Visas. This visa classification grants recipients the opportunity to visit the United States of America for pleasure or medical purposes with a 6 month stipulated time frame.

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The staying time is decided upon by immigration officials when entering an authorized port of entry. Once having been allowed into the U.S. you can file for a 6 month extension, however, be mindful to not surpass the 1 year limited time period, as to avoid any legal problems with immigration. The penalties are harsh and unpleasant.

People who violate the designed purpose of a U.S. visa, will be fined so that they are not allowed entrance into the U.S., which is applicable to all types of visas.

Elements That Support Your Visa Application

A B2 visa application process is easy to understand but is also a category that has been declined most often. Hundreds of thousands of applicants who have received a tourist visa go to the U.S. with the intention to stay long term and work; a tourist visa is not designed for that.

The U.S. government wants to ensure that foreigners traveling to the U.S. go with the intentions of only visiting and then leaving the U.S before their visa expires. Applicants must support their motive for visiting the U.S. by providing the Department of State substantial evidence that will support their visa application, such as:

  • Applicant must state purpose for their trip; Medical or Pleasure
    Ensuring that visit is for a specific time frame
  • Verifying that you are financially stable to support yourself during your stay in the U.S. so authority officials do not conclude that if you run low on funds that you will break the law and work.
  • Confirming that you have strong economic and social ties to your home country, for example, family connections, school and employment.
  • Proving that you own a house or live in an apartment or other form of residence not in the U.S. and that you have secure ties that will ensure you return home before your visa expires.

All of the supporting documentation you provide must prove all these necessary elements. When appearing at the Consular Interview Appointment ensure that you bring along copies of your home and apartment leases, traveling itinerary, hotel reservations if you are staying at a hotel, plane tickets (Return tickets), bank statements among other important documents. If you fail to provide strong evidence, your visa might be declined.

Another important aspect of the consular interview appointment are the responses you give to the questions asked. For example, when they ask you, “What is the purpose of your trip?” and you say, “The purpose of my trip is to visit my finance and marry her thereafter.”

You will then be informed that you applied for the incorrect visa classification. Your response will only get your visa denied.

If Fraud is Detected a U.S. Visa Will Be Declined

Some people are enticed to tell a lie during the interview. Never deny a past criminal conviction because if detected in the system, your visa will be denied immediately. Deception may become a problem if your application file shows that you have lied in previous consular interviews you have appeared and visas you have obtained.

A Visa Denial Due to Criminal Record

A criminal record for some serious crimes or background showing past involvement with terror groups will hurt your chances of obtaining a visa. For situations like these consult with an immigration attorney before proceeding with U.S visa application process.

Previous Breaching of Immigration Laws

Overstaying a U.S. Visa does not make it any easier to receive a visa. If you have unlawfully exceeded the 180 day time frame you can face a direct 3 year ban from re-entering the U.S and it can even increase to up to 10 years if an individual stays longer than a year.

U.S Visa Denial Due to Ineligibility

The U.S. Immigration has an exhausting list of causes that may not make a person eligible for a U.S. visa or green card. While some causes are medical and health, others are for previous immigration law violations.

If you are not sure that you qualify for a U.S. visa and need the assistance of an immigration attorney, contact The Gambacorta Law Office at 847-443-9303 and schedule an office appointment at one of our offices that are situated in Arizona and Illinois.

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