How to Know When You Need an Immigration Attorney

Immigration Law book with a gavel and passportImmigration lawyers are responsible for helping their clients tackle a large-scale of legal issues that are linked with Permanent Residency (Green Card), Visas, U.S. Citizenship and other immigration issues. The United States Immigration Laws are federal, which means any individual can obtain assistance from an attorney, even if they are not residing in the United States.

Not every immigration issue at hand may demand the assistance of an immigration attorney, the U.S immigration laws are very complex and in most instances attending a case unrepresented may become very confusing and complicated. Most often hiring an immigration lawyer can save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. One of the best benefits of having a legal representative by your side, is that you will never have to worry about an application error or a filing gone wrong.

When to Contact an Immigration Lawyer?

Contacting an immigration attorney can be a daunting task. Always make sure the attorney you choose is a practicing immigration lawyer. You might wonder, How do I know if I need an Immigration Attorney? If any of the following sound like you, then it would be wise to seek out legal counsel.

  • When you have doubts if you qualify for a green card or other immigration merits.
  • When you need to petition for asylum or a waiver. Having a lawyer helps you to present your case in a persuasive and professional manner, in efforts to convince the overseer of the validity of your case.
  • You are having challenges acquiring a Green Card or changing your status to apply for American Citizenship.
  • You have been detained. In this case you should contact legal counsel as soon as possible.
  • After having received Notice to Appear for deportation or removal prosecutions.
  • If you intend to apply to re-enter the United States of America after being deported.
  • If an immigration application you made in the past has been declined.
  • If you have a Criminal Record
  • Seeking an Employment Visa after a US Employer has requested your services.

Application forms and documentation can be quite confusing, lawyers can help you navigate through the confusion and help you present the best possible case.

What to Anticipate, When Meeting your Lawyer…

In most instances, immigration lawyers will charge a flat fee, simply to discuss your case and how he or she can assist you, throughout the entire matter. Some offices will offer a free appointment. It is advisable to meet and discuss with more than one attorney before hiring the one who will legally represent you.

The first meeting is an opportunity to inform your attorney about your entire case. Take advantage of this chance and ask as many questions you may need, in order to be fully informed. Know that your information will be kept confidential. If you abide by the contract set forth by the immigration attorney, he will do everything possible to assist you with your case.

It is important to bring any documents that are relevant to your immigration case. Such documents can include; passports, visas, marriage certificates, criminal records, tax records, bills and any other information that will help your case. Be mindful that the attorney will ask you many questions as well, so be open and answer accurately, take notes during the process and determine if any other material is needed.

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