What Happens if My Sponsor Withdraws Their Form I-864, Affidavit of Support

United States Immigration and its application processes can be complex and something like losing the support of your sponsor can further complicate your case. Even though you might lose your sponsor and affidavit of support there is still good news as it does not mean that you are in trouble. There is an effect if a sponsor or petitioner withdraws their affidavit of support which is dependent on a number of factors as well as where you are in the application process.

In general, the further along you are with your application process, the less affected you will be by a development like this. However, other circumstances may also allow you to continue on without a sponsor in specific situations. Of course, immigration can be complicated and every case has different factors that must be individually considered and examined. The best way you will have a better grasp of what your immigration case needs is by speaking immediately to a seasoned immigration lawyer. If you would like feedback on your immigration application seek legal counsel.

How Far You Are in the Immigrant Visa Application Process and How a Withdrawal of Support Can Impact You

The effect of a sponsor (also known as a petitioner) withdrawing their support is the most severe if you have just started the process. If your visa petition has not been granted an approval by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and your sponsor withdraws their support (which they can do at any time), your petition will likely be denied or nullified. The only possible exception at this stage is if you are a victim of domestic violence and your sponsor withdrew their support as a way to maintain their control or silence the affected victims about the abuse.

You must take note that if the petition has been approved by USCIS but your green card has not yet been granted, you may still need further assistance from your sponsor to receive final approval so it is important that you speak with an attorney during this phase. Ultimately, if your petition has been approved and your green card has been issued, it is unlikely that a withdrawal at this stage of the process will affect your ability to retain your green card or impact your immigration status unless it is accompanied by allegations of fraud. Despite where you are in the process, a loss of your sponsor can be very impacting and can make the process more complicated to handle on your own. This is why it is essential to seek an attorney’s advice to find out if you have any other options available and what is the best course of action to take in your situation.

Find an Immigration Law Firm to Help You

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