Top 10 Situations That Need an Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorneys can help you with more than just obtaining a visa. In fact, they are a valuable resource that can help you become a permanent citizen, avoid deportation, and even stay out of jail. If any of the following situations apply to you or a loved one, then consider contacting an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

10 Situations that Require an Immigration Attorney

  • You have been convicted of a crime in the past. On your USCIS form you will be asked if you have committed a crime or been convicted. You must provide fingerprints, which will tell officers if you have committed a crime; therefore, you cannot lie. But, there are ways to still get into the U.S. regardless if you have committed a crime, but only with the assistance of an attorney.
    • Your application was denied. Your attorney can identify why you were denied and help you get approved.
    • You attempted immigration on your own and didn’t get anywhere. Immigration laws are difficult to understand and have seen dramatic changes over the past few years. An attorney can increase the chances your application will be approved.
    • You have been forced to leave the United States. Not all removals mean you can never enter the country again and an attorney can help you re-enter legally.
  • You have a disease. While there are some diseases that keep you from getting citizenship, an attorney may still be able to fight for you.
  • You have been waiting for a long time without any response. An attorney has a relationship with most USCIS personnel and they can find out the status of your application.
  • You need to seek adjusted status after a divorce. This is a complicated situation that requires the assistance of an immigration attorney because you will have to prove that your first marriage wasn’t a ploy to gain citizenship.
  • Your marriage to a U.S. citizen failed before you could file your petition. Waiving these types of petitions is extremely difficult and requires an attorney, especially if your ex will not help prove the marriage was legitimate.
  • You are immigrating with a child that may turn 21 before the process is complete. An attorney can help protect your child and ensure that he or she is approved even if their application overlaps.
  • You have an employment offer, but need a visa. An attorney can help you obtain a visa or green card for a work offer.

Need an Immigration Attorney? Gambacorta Law Office Can Help

Regardless of what you need, an immigration attorney understands the law and can help you get favorable results with the USCIS. Contact The Gambacorta Law Office today for a consultation regarding your case.

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