What Are the Five Most Common Visas Issued?

There are various types of immigration visas available that allow foreign citizens to enter the United States. But, some are more commonly used than others. Immigration lawyers in Chicago often find cases surrounding these five types of visas.

Transit C-1 Visa

Transit visas are given to individuals who are traveling through the U.S. en route to another country. To do so, they must first obtain a C-1 Transit visa. This is only available to those engaging in continuous transit and not staying in the U.S.

Crewmember C-1/D Visa

While no visa is required for a crewmember of a ship entering the U.S., as long as they stay onboard the ship, the crewmember can only stay aboard for twenty-nine days. If the crewmember needs to get off the ship for an emergency, he or she must have a D visa. If he or she must fly or transit through the U.S. to get back to his or her native country, he or she will need a C-1 visa.

B-1 and B-2 Visas

B-1 and B-2 visas are for visiting the U.S. A B-1 visa is for the business traveler entering the United States on behalf of his or her foreign employer, but he or she cannot receive a payment from a U.S. company during his or her stay. A B-2 visa is a tourist visa for those entering the United States on vacation, to visit relatives, or attending conventions. Read more

H-1B Temporary Worker

This is one of the more common types of work visas in the United States that are processed each year. To qualify, the employer or sponsor must offer an individual a position in a specialty role. This usually requires a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience for the job to qualify as “special.” Read more

F-1 Student

For prospective students from other countries to be admitted to their desired schools or the United States, they must first obtain an F-1 student visa. The F-1 visa can be obtained through an embassy. Read more

Getting Assistance with Your Visa

There are dozens of different types of visas. Immigration lawyers in Chicago can help you determine what type visa is right for your situation and help you with the application process. Meet with the immigration lawyers at the Gambacorta Law Office today for a no-obligation consultation by calling 847-443-9303 now.