Applying for Citizenship? Six Reasons To Retain an Immigration Attorney

United States Immigration Law is known for being firm, and getting approval from the U.S. government can be very challenging. The process is lengthy and diving headfirst alone can only lead to frustration, disappointment and even loss of your time and finances.

Applying for citizenship#1 – No Matter What your Situation, An Immigration Lawyer will Always Be Willing to Help You.
If you have challenged the immigration law once and your immigration application process has been denied, rejected or it has been approved and then revoked it is time to hire an immigration lawyer. Times like these are very confusing and emotional. Emotions may also interfere and cloud your judgment so make the right choice. If you immediately hire a professional immigration attorney who has profound knowledge in immigration laws, your legal representative will help you get your application process done properly.

#2 – Immigration Attorneys can Lodge an Appeal for Denied Applications
In instances when an immigrant’s application form has been denied, it is urgent that the individual files a motion for reconsideration, which is known as an appeal. Trying this on your own is not recommended. The reason it is best to have an attorney is that once you hire him, he can file all the necessary documents and the client will have less of a chance of being deported from the United States during the appeal procedure. While the appeal may take several weeks or months, the lawyer can help you to prepare for an immigration court appearance.

#3 – An Immigration Attorney is an Advocate for their Client during Court Sessions
When immigrants are individually called to show up for a court session, their attorney will be there as their advocate. The immigration lawyer is the client’s mouthpiece and professionally presents relevant facts for that particular case and why his or her client should acquire residency in the United States. Needless to say the officer overseeing the case might have questions for the immigrant, in which the client would have been aware and prepared for any questions.

#4 – Attorneys May Recommend Other Referrals
In many cases the immigrant may not be fluent in the English language and or American culture. Immigration attorneys usually recommend other referrals to organizations that can help the immigrant conquer any hurdles they may encounter while in a new country. Clients are then directed to learning centers where they are educated in the English language and history of the country they want to reside in for the rest of their lives. Generally, these learning centers offer training in citizenship tests that will be helpful in the future for passing the citizenship test. This opportunity helps the immigrant have a higher and better rate of obtaining their American citizenship.

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#5 – Every Application Process is Time Consuming
In reality, applying for any category of Immigration Status can be very time-consuming. Having to travel back and forth can be stressful. Even after you have applied for your citizenship it may take several months if not years to receive your status. Waiting patiently is key. A favorable aspect to hiring a legal representative is that they ensure that your application process is done right the first time, so you will not have to redo the process.

#6 – Immigration Laws Are Prone To Change
Legislators are always searching for strategies to modify and improve the Immigration Laws. These changes made to the immigration laws have stipulations that immigrants must abide by when applying for their United States citizenship, residency or naturalization. These changes can affects individuals greatly and it can become very difficult to obtain your desired status.

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