What Happens if My Visa is Denied?

File with a stamp that says Visa DeniedHave you ever wondered what happens if your visa is denied? This can be a very stressful situation that can cause you a lot of anxiety. There’s a lot you can do if your visa is denied in an effort to appeal the decision and have it approved. If the visa is denied and you fail to appeal the decision you could be deported from the country. If you decide to stay and are then discovered by law enforcement or ICE you could wind up in a lot of trouble. It’s important to understand your rights when your visa is denied so you can take the proper steps to rectify the situation, especially if the visa was denied due to incorrect paperwork or another fixable mistake.

Discretion of the Officer

The denial of an immigration visa is completely at the discretion of the consulate officer assigned to your case. There are times when being denied a visa can be challenged and appealed, leading to an approval. Then there are times when the denial cannot be challenged and you will wind up being deported.

Disqualified from a Category

It is possible that your visa could be denied due to disqualification from a category. It is possible that during the interview process the consulate officer deny your application because he or she realizes you are not eligible for the visa based on the category in which you applied. Most often this happens because the officer believes you are trying to immigrate to the country using visas, which is not permitted for many visas. You will be allowed to re-apply but will need a lot of evidence showing you are not trying to immigrate.

Incomplete Application

If you fail to complete the entire visa application it will be denied right off the bat. You need to do yourself a favor and sit down with an immigration attorney to complete the application. If you don’t know answers to questions you cannot simply leave them blank. You also need to ensure that all required documentation is submitted with the application so it is not immediately denied.

Not Enough Support Financially

You are required to show the officer assigned to your case that you can support yourself financially while in the country on your visa and that you won’t need to rely on the government to do so for you. If you do not have enough financial support your application will be denied.

Permanent Denial of a Visa

You can suffer permanent denial of a visa, which means once denied you will no longer be able to appeal or apply for a new one. This happens most often if it is found that you have lied on a visa application.

Denied Visa? Call a Lawyer Today

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