What is Illegal Immigration?

American flags as seen through a chain link fenceThere is a lot of talk these days about illegal immigration.  Since it seems to be a hot button topic, it is important that you understand the facts.  So who or what exactly is an Illegal Immigrant?

An illegal immigrant is any unauthorized resident that is born in a foreign country and that is not a resident or citizen of the country where they are residing.  The term illegal immigration refers to people that cross international borders in an illegal manner.

Four Common Types of Illegal Immigrants:

  1. Undocumented or Unauthorized Entries –
    These are people that have left one country and crossed over to another in secret or without being detected.
  2. Entry on Fraudulent Documents –
    These are people who left one country and entered another, they went through inspection but presented fraudulent documents.  Usually they present a false identity or false documentation in support of their admission.
  3. Visa Length Violations –
    These are those individual that enter another country with proper documentation but they knowingly reside in the country longer than they were allotted.  Overstaying the length of time on your Visa, makes you no longer a legal visitor.
  4. Terms and Conditions Violations –
    These individuals have entered one country from another with proper documents and inspection but have violated a term or condition of their visa.  One of the most common violations is accepting employment.

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