Procedure for Renewing a U.S. Green Card

Gavel and green cardAll recipients of U.S. Green Cards that were distributed in 1989 or afterward will expire, the expiration date is shown on the front of the card.

After ten years everyone must renew U.S. Green Card. Renewing a U.S. green card will involve completing a Form I-90, paying fees and submitting evidence to USCIS.

A Legal Permanent Resident Status Does Not Expire

Legal Permanent Resident Status (LRP) does not expire. This has been a source of confusion for several years, it was thought that when a U.S. green card expires so does the resident status; that is not the case.

The expiration of a U.S. green card requires immediate renewal if not the LPR status will be affected.

Having an expired green card will only make it harder to seek employment, travel abroad and do other important things.

Furthermore, every foreigner is required by law to always carry around credible evidence of their immigration status.

Recipients of U.S. Green Cards from between the years 1979 to 1988 are in for a surprise when renewing their green cards because the green cards do not have an expiration date, therefore, there is no need for renewal.

However, all beneficiaries of a U.S. green card are now obligated to immediately renew their green cards because of the new change in the system.

Holders of a valid U.S. green card that have a two-year expiration date must know that they are not permanent residents but are conditional residents whose current statuses will expire if they do not follow procedure quickly in adjusting status to legal permanent residence before the 90 days time-frame expiration date.

If a green card has expired contact an immigration attorney to help you amend your situation.

Best Time to Renew

It is in your best interest to renew your U.S. green card six months before it expires.

This will allow the United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) time to process your application and to decide whether you are deserving of an adjustment of status.

 Procedure to Follow When Renewing U.S. Green Card

Completely fill out an Application Form I-90, and carefully read the information and provide accurate information.

Pay an application and a Biometrics fee and provide USCIS with supporting documents.

You will find that while this form is used for other reasons make sure you fill in Form I-90 with correct information.

Information you will be asked for are as follows:

  • Include Full Name (if applicable, any name changes due to marriage, adoption or divorce).
  • Address in the United States
  • Date, Place, and country of Birth
  • Alien Registration Number
  • Class of Admission (this is the type of U.S. green card you received)
  • U.S. Social Security Number
  • Date of Admission of U.S. Green Card
  • Motive for your application (in Part 2: check box “F” if you currently hold a green card that has an expiration date that you are renewing; or box “J” if you are renewing the old version of green card that has no expiration date).
  • Parents names
  • Name of city where you reside and applied for immigrant visa or adjustment of status.
  • U.S. Consulate where you received immigrant visa or USCIS office where you applied to adjust status.

Note that the applicant will need to submit expiring or expired U.S. green card along with Form I-90 as well as application fees and biometrics appointment fees.

If there has been a change of name since the time you received your green card, remember to submit proof of name change such as adoption decree, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, court order and so forth.

Though filling up Form I-90 can be done online on the USCIS website, the applicant will still need to submit the additional required documents by mail.

The mailing address can be found on the USCIS website.

Contact Your Nearest Immigration Attorney

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