Crucial Steps in Obtaining Naturalization

immigration documentsReceiving your naturalization certificate will require more than having to wait a long period of time. Besides filling out applications, submitting documents and waiting for an approval, there is one very important last step.

That is taking the Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. Afterward, you will receive the long awaited naturalization certification.

Be sure that before you participate in the oath ceremony or you will disqualify yourself from getting your U.S. citizenship.

Stipulated Wait Time

When your oath ceremony will take place is dependent on the location where you live and the district the ceremony is scheduled. In some cases, the oath ceremony can happen immediately after you have been approved at your interview or it can be months later.

The longer you wait the more prone you are to having some changes in your life; these changes can affect your eligibility for naturalization.

USCIS Will Find Out About the Changes

There is a Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony (Form N-445) that will be issued to you at the end of your interview or in the mail. Do not lose this important document.

In this application will be listed documents necessary for the oath ceremony and a questionnaire that must be completed. The answers you insert will dictate whether you will receive your naturalization certificate.

Answering “yes” to any of the listed questions will demand a thorough explanation on your behalf to the USCIS officer at the oath ceremony.

Then a decision will be made whether you should stay for the oath ceremony or you must be sent home and mail additional evidence to substantiate your answer or endure other consequences.

USCIS officer’s expect honest answers. If you are in doubt about disclosing a felony or misdemeanor you committed during your waiting time, consult with an immigration attorney.

Releasing such information is better than giving false information. If it is found later on that you lied you could be charged with fraud and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the U.S. immigration law. You would also be in danger of losing your U.S. citizenship.

When it comes to preparing yourself for the oath ceremony you stand a better chance at properly filling up the Form N-445 with the assistance of an expert immigration attorney.

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