Returning Permanent Residents Handling a Deferred Inspection Appointment

If you are a returning lawful permanent resident and you have difficulty re-entering the United States even with your green card, chances are you might need to appear for a Deferred Inspection Appointment.

The process for many returning legal permanent residents is quite smooth. They simply show their U.S. green cards upon arrival and have a brief meeting with a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent, answer a few questions and are then allowed to enter the country.

For others, the meeting with the CBP officer raises concerns about the person’s right to re-enter or leads to more questions than can be answered in those few moments. In such cases, the CBP officer may arrange an appointment at a separate date at the CBP office or close to the port of entry. The CBP officer will provide the individual with a notice confirming the date, time, and location in which the person must appear to discuss his or her immigration status. This process is known as the “Deferred Inspection.”

Who receives Deferred Inspection Appointments?

A deferred inspection appointment is normally scheduled when CBP needs more time and information with which to decide whether a foreigner is admissible to the United States of America. This is mainly common if a Lawful Permanent Resident has lived in the U.S. over 180 days outside the U.S. in which case all the grounds of inadmissibility may be applicable, just as if an individual were applying for a green card for the first time.

Even without having been away for 180 days or more, a returning lawful permanent resident who has been arrested for and or convicted of a crime may be denied admission into the United States. That is because many crimes make a lawful permanent resident deportable and or inadmissible, both of which are grounds for withholding entry into the U.S. The commission of certain crimes, just like living overseas for more than 180 days, can make a legal permanent resident inadmissible as one who does not enjoy the privileges of a legal permanent resident status. Even circumstances that took place years ago can result in admissibility problems to non-citizens.

Getting Prepared for the Deferred Inspection Appointment

When it comes to preparing for the deferred inspection a two-week timeframe will be allotted. This specific amount of time might be perfect timing to retain an immigration attorney. The mission ahead will demand preparation of documents along with supporting evidence to persuade the CBP officer and whatever doubts he or she may have about the inadmissibility of a foreigner. An immigration attorney can also investigate the probability of someone getting detained and can present arguments for removal from the U.S.

Hire an Immigration Attorney

If you are a legal permanent resident returning to the U.S. and you are given a deferred inspection appointment you may want to contact an immigration attorney immediately. With an immigration lawyer fighting in your defense, you have a probable chance at entering the country. Call Gambacorta Law Office today at 847 433 9303.