Can An Applicant Fix A Mistake On A DS-160 Online Application That Was Submitted?

You recently submitted a U.S. visa application only to realize that it contains an error. After having printed out the form you saw that the application form had an incorrect spelling of your name and the month and date of your date of birth was backwards. Clearly, you might think there is no possible way to redo the form. Fortunately, the DS160, Online Application allows a time period for corrections to be made on the form.

Making Corrections on Form DS160 Within 30 Days

Before making corrections on the DS160 application check to see how many days have passed since you submitted the initial application. If less than 30 days have passed you can go to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website for the DS160 and enter the required information to make the necessary corrections.

Making Corrections on Form DS160 After 30 Days

If more than 30 days have expired since the day the application with the mistake was submitted, the application can be uploaded back into the system. After you have followed the instructions on the webpage and entered the necessary information you will be given a new confirmation and bar code. If you are still not sure that you followed the instructions correctly then it is best to have an immigration lawyer help you.

Providing a Corrected Form DS-160 At The Time Of An Interview

Once an incorrect DS-160 was used to schedule an interview appointment or to pay the visa application fee, you will need to bring the confirmation pages from both the new (corrected) and the original (incorrect) DS-160 to the interview.

If by any chance you discover you made a mistake on the DS-160 right before your interview, you may still have an opportunity to make corrections. When checking in for your interview appointment, let the consulate assistant know that you just found you made some error(s) on the DS-160 and you would like to make corrections. The consulate employee will then advise how you should proceed and whether the mistake you made is a serious one. In some instances, an individual can correct mistakes directly in the consular database, in which case you would not need to correct the DS-160.

Certain U.S. Embassies or Consulates may also have computers available for applicants to use to create a new application. The individual might even be allowed to leave the Consulate and use a computer at a nearby location to create a new application and then come back later in the day. Policies for each U.S. Consulate vary from each other, depending on each embassy’s local resources and workload.

Note that it is not a good idea for the U.S. Consul to make corrections to the DS-160 application on your behalf at the time of your interview. The applicant is the only one who can redo the DS160 application. If you made a mistake that is material to your application and it is not corrected prior to the interview, the Consulate officer will require that you reschedule for another date & time if the mistake is a serious one. Rescheduling your visa interview can work in your favor as you have a lesser risk of being flagged for committing fraud.

Let An Immigration Attorney Help You

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