Electronic Filing Option Now Available for Form I-130

In a recent new release, the USCIS announced that American citizens and lawful permanent residents can now electronically submit Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Petitioners use this form as the first step in sponsoring family members who want to immigrate to the U.S. If USCIS recognizes the relationship you’ve demonstrated, they will approve your petition and issue a priority date. The sponsored family member can then apply for lawful permanent residence (a Green Card) when this date arrives.

According to USCIS, I-130 is one of the most widely used immigration-related forms. Many immigration processes involve one person coming to the United States to find work. Once they obtain a steady income and establish a home, they then sponsor the rest of their family. This update, therefore, will potentially impact thousands of immigrants.

This change is part of a larger movement to digitalize a significant portion of immigration forms and procedures. Form I-130 joins 7 other electronic forms people use to:

  1. Replace a Green Card (I-90)
  2. Extend or change nonimmigrant status (I-539)
  3. Request a hearing for naturalization (N-336)
  4. Apply for naturalization (N-400)
  5. Apply for Citizenship (N-600K)
  6. Apply for Certificate of Citizenship (N-600)
  7. Replace naturalization or citizenship document (N-656)

When you visit https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/, you can create a free account, submit and track forms, pay fees, send and receive messages to and from USCIS, and more. While not mandatory for this form, electronic filing offers petitioners several key advantages, including:

  • Simplified fee-paying process
  • Tracking system for forms and application statuses
  • Platform to continuously update personal information
  • Streamlined, organized system to complete multiple tasks in one place
  • Record of all communications with USCIS

An electronic system simplifies the process not just for the applicants but also for USCIS. In many cases, immigration applications and petitions experience delays because USCIS loses documentation. Hopefully, electronic filing will enhance the administration’s level of organization and curb this frustrating issue.

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