“Welcome Dear Immigrants!” From Michigan

Hooray! Good news to those who would like to migrate to the US and are still undecided where to go! The state of Michigan would gladly welcome you! As Detroit, Michigan is open to the world!

To support that statement, Michigan governor announces its good intentions to create a Michigan Office for New Americans to attract the immigrants. Governor Rick Snyder believes in reviving the state’s economy by attracting skilled and talented immigrants who would want stay there for five years.

A statewide EB-5 center would be established to work with immigrants who want to invest and open a business in the said state. And by wanting to attract and retain the skilled immigrants, he then announces a plan to allocate 50,000 EB-2 visas for a period of five years.

These would specifically be for skilled immigrants to live and work in Detroit, for people with exceptional ability in certain fields. These are just some of the measures from some states and local leaders to explore a way to bring back their states’ economic growth.

This program plan eases the rules of immigration and visa limits, aiming to help fill jobs in the following fields: automotive engineering, information technology, health care, and life sciences.

Snyder, who joined the former New York City Mayor Bloomberg and former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, continue to urge the lawmakers for US immigration system’s overhauling. Adding, “We have a dumb system. We need comprehensive immigration reform.” And according to Guttierez, “Our laws aren’t serving our economy.”

However, this proposal surprised officials at the State Department working with the Homeland Security Department to decide about the visa requests.

Under this plan, there will be 5,000 visas in the first year to be allocated in Detroit, 10,000 each during the next three years and 15.000 in the fifth year.

Concluding that if the state welcomes more immigrants, then it would surely attract more employers! “If someone has the opportunity to come to our country legally, let’s hold our arms open and say ‘come to Michigan. This is the place to be.’”, said Snyder.

Here’s a piece of short information about EB-2 Visa:

An EB-2 Visa is an Immigrant Visa that allows foreign nationals with an advanced degree to obtain residency in the United States. However, one must be a foreign national who:

  • a member of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent; or
  • because of your ability in the sciences, arts, or business will substantially benefit the national economy, cultural, or educations interests or welfare of the U.S.

Categories under the EB-2 Employment-based immigrant visa are as follows:

  • EB-2 (A)- This is for foreign nationals professionals with an ‘advanced degrees’ (masters degree or higher) and with a job offer from a U.S. company
  • EB-2 (B)- This is for foreign nationals with ‘exceptional ability’ in the sciences, business or arts and with a job offer from a U.S. company
  • EB-2 (C)- This category is for foreign nationals with exceptional ability, or an advanced degree, who can show that their activities will substantially benefit the U.S. national interest

Privileges one would enjoy on EB-2 Employment-based immigrant visa:

  • reside permanently in the US
  • work in the US
  • travel freely in and out of the US
  • apply for dependent visas for your spouse and children below 21 years of age

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